Built in 2000, this 65,000 square foot facility includes Class A medical suites as well as a fitness center with an indoor lap pool, whirlpools and extensive workout space. Impeccably maintained, tenants and patients alike enjoy the clean, safe, convenient and inviting nature of this professional center.

The building maintenance team provides what many refer to as “concierge service.” Prospective tenants seeking a first or new location are amazed to hear from existing occupants about how easy and painless it is to get even the smallest concern addressed immediately. The entire building, as well as all individual practice space, is checked twice daily to ensure everything is working properly and any minor issues are addressed immediately.

The tenant mix is exclusively medical related, with even the health club coordinating with a rehab network tenant for treatments. This synergy provides convenience for visitors and collaborative opportunities for tenants.

There is no building quite like the Avon Wellness Center available in the Farmington Valley region. This one-of-kind, high-end, services oriented facility offers delightful discoveries that raise the bar for leased space expectations.